Hassle-free and affordable business setup solutions for new businesses in UAE Mainland

Want to set up a mainland company in the UAE? The first step is to have thorough knowledge about the UAE mainland market! UAE mainland companies are directed by the Department of Economic Development in every Emirate. Also, a series of paperwork and licenses are required for setting up a mainland business in the UAE.

At Shuraa Business Setup, we guide you through the obligations of starting a mainland business as well as support you in gathering the required documentation. With the right guidance and governmental connections, Shuraa can set up your UAE mainland business in no time!

We assist you with mainland company registration, trade license requirements, PRO services and take care of your visa procedures. Shuraa Business Setup also provides you with a reliable local UAE partner, which is a mandatory requirement to start your UAE mainland business.

Regions in the UAE to setup a mainland company

Under the UAE Commercial Companies Law, companies are categorised for regulatory measures and are segregated for better growth and consideration. If you are wondering where to set up a company in the UAE, the choices are many. And the choice is completely yours! But we at Shuraa Business Setup help you make the best choice.

Dubai Mainland

Company registration in Dubai mainland is highly endorsed and offers an entrepreneurial ecosystem. Dubai Mainland is the geographical marked jurisdiction by the Department of Economic Development (DED) for all private businesses that are authorised to conduct commercial activities. The DED in Dubai caters to the judicial procedures required to start a business in Dubai mainland. With Shuraa Business Setup you can start a business in Dubai for as low as AED 19,500*.

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Sharjah Mainland

Mainland company registration in Sharjah is an ideal location in the UAE for any type of business setup. Sharjah mainland company formation provides affordable real estate, modern infrastructure, business-friendly regimes, and added amenities. Shuraa Business Setup helps with easy company formation in Sharjah mainland. Our packages to set up a mainland company in Sharjah start from AED 18,000* all inclusive.

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Abu Dhabi Mainland

Starting a business in Abu Dhabi could be a great move because of the several recent advancements the Emirate has to offer when compared to the other emirates. If you are puzzled about how to start a business in Abu Dhabi, Shuraa Business Setup will guide you through the entire process for mainland company setup in Abu Dhabi. With us, you get complete foreign ownership with 2 years mainland licence in Abu Dhabi at only AED 23,500* all inclusive.

Ajman Mainland

Company formation in Ajman offers thriving business opportunities. This has led to an increased demand among overseas investors and budding entrepreneurs. If you are willing to start a business in mainland Ajman, Shuraa Business Setup can guide you through it. Ajman mainland company setup is perfect for startup entities, SMEs, and business setups with smaller budgets. With Shuraa Business Setup you can set up a company in Ajman mainland starting from AED 14,000* all inclusive.

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