You can use the most beautiful sets of polymer wooden tables and chairs to decorate your home. Also, if you are going to buy a table and chairs for the arrangement of reception halls, wood is the best choice. The main axis of activity of Choobani Industrial Group is based on quality. We firmly believe that the success of our performance in all aspects of business depends on maintaining high standards and enhancing added value through quality.

Best Material and Style

The advantages of the company’s polymer products over wood and other materials are waterproof and high strength against pressure and impact, which in itself makes it a visible difference from wood products.

– Made of first-class polymeric materials
– Has matte colors and plating
– Resistant to moisture and impact
– Carton packing and easy to carry
– Two-year warranty and after-sales service

Water resistant

This feature makes these products easy to wash and clean.

Impact resistant

Polymer products are unbreakable and have high resistance to impact and physical damage.

Resistant to discoloration

The use of kiln paint has caused wood products to have a solid color.

environment lover

No trees are cut down to produce polymer products.


After sales service

Our products have a 2-year warranty.

Easy shipping

Carton and compact packaging is one of the most important features of wood polymer products.

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