General conditions to spare parts availabilityAll of the above is subject to the following conditions and any legal requirements of the European law.

-This policy is exclusively applicable for single units of registered spare parts.-Fast & Fluid Management B.V. reserves the right to discontinue machine options at any time.

-The lead time indication is based on working days.

-The maximum lead time is calculated based on the order received date to ready for delivery date at Fast & Fluid Management B.V.

-Start date lead time based on complete orders, meaning that orders contain all necessary info for order entry, e.g. clear indication of invoicing and shipping address and article number.

-Fast & Fluid Management B.V. preserves the right to offer substitutes

-The introduction of any version upgrade of equipment is considered to be the official phase out date of the previous version.

-The ongoing supply of some electronic components will be beyond Fast & Fluid Managements‟ reasonable control, and we will not be held liable in such circumstances.

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